For the 100th episode of SBH Bronx Health Talk, Dr. Perlstein, President and CEO of SBH Health System, and Bronx Congressman Torres discuss ...View Details

Ophthalmologist Dr. Michelle Packles educates patients on cataracts, one of the most common vision problems faced by older people (and some young...View Details

Obesity is a growing problem in the Bronx and throughout the country, particularly among younger people.  This is a problem that the pandemic has...View Details

Autoimmune diseases -- from rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia, osteoporosis to lupus -- can have you going from doctor to doctor seeking answers fo...View Details

Thanks to the new SBH Teaching Kitchen and the magic provided by its director, Emily Schlag, a chef and registered dietitian, people in the ...View Details

Dr. Edward Telzak, an infectious disease specialist and chair of the Department of Medicine at SBH, gives an update on the latest news of Covid-19 -- ...View Details

How do you instill in your children the kind of self-esteem and confidence that will allow them to grow into happy, well-adjusted and successful ...View Details

Moray Joselyn, senior director of quality and performance improvement at SBH, discusses population health and how your health may very well depend on ...View Details

Breastfeeding is the holy grail. It has many health benefits for both mother and baby. However, stark breastfeeding disparities do exis...View Details

Episode 91: LGBTQ+ Health

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ+) youth are at increased risk of poor health outcomes.  They experience disproporti...View Details

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