Dr. Sonata Cooper, Ambulatory Care OB/GYN Site Director at SBH, discusses what exactly is considered a normal period and delves into such co...View Details

Your sexual health is an important part of your overall wellbeing but asking questions and knowing where to go to get accurate information can be quit...View Details

If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and the CPAP machine isn't for you, or if have jaw pain that isn't going away, it might be time to find a sl...View Details

Episode 40: Saving Limbs.

Patients with diabetes have a high rate of lower limb amputation.  Dr. Emilio Goez, chief of the podiatry service at SBH, discusses the mult...View Details

Dr. Pablo Ibanez, Outpatient Psychiatry Medical Director at SBH’s Behavioral Health Clinic, sheds light on depression and anxiety disorders...View Details

Dr. Raza Rehmani, chief of neuroradiology and musculoskeletal imaging at SBH, discusses neuroimaging and its use in the diagnosis and treatm...View Details

Vaping, which continues to harm many young people in the Bronx and around the country, has captured the  nation's headlines.  Dr. Raghu...View Details

Sticking to a healthy diet can be especially challenging around the holiday season. Elisa Ramos, Nutrition Coordinator and Anne Louie, Registered Diet...View Details

Registered dietitian Rebecca Koch, who works in the Center for Bariatric Surgery at SBH, discusses how she works with weight loss surgery patients bot...View Details

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, or OMT, can restore the proper tension and alignment of the bones, muscles, and joints.  It promote...View Details

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