Stress leads to anxiety, a disorder that affects 40 million Americans.  Shirley Rodriguez, a licensed clinical social worker and associate admini...View Details

Dr. Ed Telzak, chair of the Department of Medicine at SBH and an infectious disease specialist, discusses the latest and most serious threat to date f...View Details

From a mental health perspective, the pandemic continues to claim its share of victims.  Jenna Cooper, a licensed clinical social worker and dire...View Details

Dr. Ronald McLean, director of the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at SBH, discusses how inconspicuous wounds can quickly turn life t...View Details

A fluttering or racing heart may be harmless, or it could be life threatening.  Dr. Salim Baghdadi, a cardiac electrophysiologist at SBH Hea...View Details

Senator Gustavo Rivera hosts this special episode on the impact of the pandemic on the Latinx community with area social workers. Video: https://youtu...View Details

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, or OMM, can relieve the pain from the body changes that come with pregnancy, and help prevent certain conditions fo...View Details

SBH WIC (Women, Infants, Children) has partnered with the Perez family's C-Town, a local grocery store located in the heart of Littl...View Details

Drs. Manisha Kulshreshtha and Dan Lombardi discuss what was learned in terms of treatments and what they see ahead in the battle against Covid-19. Vid...View Details

In fact, the mantra, according to Dr. Bert Petersen, chief breast surgeon at SBH Health System, is early detection... early detection...early detectio...View Details

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