SBH WIC (Women, Infants, Children) has partnered with the Perez family's C-Town, a local grocery store located in the heart of Littl...View Details

Drs. Manisha Kulshreshtha and Dan Lombardi discuss what was learned in terms of treatments and what they see ahead in the battle against Covid-19. Vid...View Details

In fact, the mantra, according to Dr. Bert Petersen, chief breast surgeon at SBH Health System, is early detection... early detection...early detectio...View Details

Cancers of the colon and rectum can often be prevented with regular screenings.  Dr. Michael Polcino, Director of Colorectal Surgery at SBH Health Sys...View Details

Mental health experts are increasingly concerned about the reliance many children and teens are placing on digital devices and social media during the...View Details

Suicide can sometimes affect those who seem "to have it all."  What do you need to know to prevent such a catastrophic act before it happens?  There a...View Details

Su Thet, a midwife at SBH Health System, discusses pregnancy during the pandemic, including thoughts on increased risks for pregnant women and wh...View Details

What does this mean?  Should you get vaccinated against Covid-19?  And where do we stand with the surge in the Bronx?  Dr....View Details

Dr. Michelle Packles, an ophtalmologist at SBH, says that when she first came to the Bronx she was shocked to see the number of patients who have lost...View Details

Orthodontia is no longer reserved for affluent kids in the suburbs.  Dr. June Harewood discusses both how more and more children and adults in th...View Details

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