We’re in the midst of a maternal mortality crisis. Death rates for new mothers have nearly doubled over the past two decades, putting us in the comp...View Details

How did you sleep last night? If you’re having problems falling asleep or waking up, you’ll want to hear what Dr. Mediha Ibrahim, director of the ...View Details

Opioid addiction does not play favorites. It can strike anyone. Dr. Jenna Butner, an addiction medicine specialist at SBH Health System, discusses the...View Details

Dr. Sarah Jamison, an emergency room physician at SBH, discusses the importance of responding quickly in the case of a stroke. For more information on...View Details

A diabetes epidemic in the Bronx. Harris Leitstein, a nurse practitioner and certified diabetes educator at SBH Health System, explains the growi...View Details

SBH’s Executive Director Jose Tuma and Assistant Director Bernardo Gill discuss the benefits for enrolling in the SBH Women Infants and Children...View Details

Tired of covering up those varicose veins? Dr. B. Bobby Chiong, chairman of the radiology department at SBH Health System, says those varicose veins i...View Details

Overweight and nothing works? Obesity is a huge problem in America but it's especially bad in the Bronx where an estimated forty percent of ...View Details

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Klion discusses the improvements that have occurred in recent years with joint replacement, specifically knee, hip and sho...View Details

Being a teenager can be tough. Dr. Kanani Titchen, an adolescent health specialist, discusses the challenges faced by teenagers as their bodies and re...View Details

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