Dr. Michelle Packles, an ophtalmologist at SBH, says that when she first came to the Bronx she was shocked to see the number of patients who have lost...View Details

Orthodontia is no longer reserved for affluent kids in the suburbs.  Dr. June Harewood discusses both how more and more children and adults in th...View Details

Diabetic foot ulcers are a common cause of diabetes, which has reached epidemic proportions here in the Bronx.  When not managed properly, these ...View Details

Voting is an essential part of any democracy.  Through its SBH Vo+er campaign, SBH has embarked on a mission to ensure that both staff ...View Details

B.R.A.G., which stands for Bronx Rising Against Gun Violence, has collaborated with SBH in the implementation of a program that is intended to curb vi...View Details

Yes, it's been a year like none other -- which means doing whatever you can to stay healthy.   This begins with getting a flu shot.&nbs...View Details

Parents are struggling to decide between in-person and remote learning this fall.  SBH pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Carine Hedari ...View Details

Chef Emily Schlag, director of the new SBH Center of Culinary Medicine and Teaching Kitchen, discusses how the teaching kitchen will show re...View Details

The force caused by doing something as seemingly simple as typing is a major factor in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, one of the most common injuri...View Details

250,000 bees now call the Rooftop Farm of the SBH Health and Wellness Center home.  They have already produced 150 pounds of honey.  Beekeep...View Details

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