Dr. Charles Gropper, director of the division of dermatology at SBH Health System, discusses common skin conditions and the detective work that often ...View Details

Jennifer Rogers, Administrative Director of Addiction medicine at SBH Health System, discusses the Addiction Medicine Outpatient Counseling ...View Details

The elderly population is extremely vulnerable and compromise a significant number of  patients in the ED. Dr. Ernest Patti, a senior emergency p...View Details

Andrea Plunkett, a nutritionist at SBH Health System, discusses how food, in the form of a plant-based diet, can act as medicine in preventing and eve...View Details

Deciding on the right birth control can be challenging but empowering way to take control of your reproductive health. Dr. Kanani Titchen, Director of...View Details

Dr. Jeffrey Lazar, vice chairman and medical director of emergency medicine at SBH discusses what life is like – as a patient and a physician &n...View Details

Cervical cancer is preventable. Yet, there are 12,000 American women who get cervical cancer every year, about one third of whom die from the disease....View Details

Medication mistakes are the biggest reason for patient safety error.  Most of these errors occur during handoffs, when patients are admitted, transfe...View Details

HIV/AIDS has taken the lives of more than 100,000 New Yorkers since 1981.  Through the eyes of five infectious disease physicians at SBH Health S...View Details

Education is the biggest factor in getting help for a geriatric patient, says Sheri Klass, a geriatric nurse practitioner at SBH Health System.&n...View Details

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